Henna Mehndi

Experience one of the most relaxing, rewarding, and exotic forms of body art there is!

Henna is one of the most ancient forms of self

Adorning... Beautiful... Spiritual... Fun!


Our Henna is made of all natural ingredients including henna powder, derived from the plant; tea, for color; lemon juice, to start the oxidizing process, and sugar to help make our paste smooth for application.

Henna is applied directly to the skin as a paste expressed from either a bottle or cone. Henna can be applied to most any part of the body, however, hands and feet are often adorned for ceremonial purposes.

The depth and duration of color do vary from person to person. Once applied to the skin, the paste should be left on for at least 1-2 hours and can even be left on over night. The paste is easily scraped off and the stain can be seen as an orange/brown color. Over the next few days, the stain will darken and fade within 5 days to 3 weeks. ( Color can be applied along with glitter as requested )

For the longest life of your henna design, moisturizers such as olive or body oils may be used daily. Exfoliants will hasten the process.

Henna has become increasingly popular for the following occasions: weddings, bar mitzvah's, birthdays, girls get togethers, corporate events, and much more. The recommended age for Henna is 6 years and up.