Glitter Tattoos

The latest, most fun ever... form of temporary body art, glitter tattoos!

There is no limit to the designs and colors for you to choose from.
What a memorable time you will provide your guests with this SUPER FUN form of art!


Glitter tattoos only take a few minutes to apply and last anywhere from 3 to 5 days! They are completely waterproof and immediately ready for wear and tear after application.

Glitter tattoos are applied with an FDA approved, hypo-allergenic surgical body adhesive. The glue is applied with a brush, by free hand or over a stencil, glitter is then applied and voila! You have an awesome artwork to admire for days.

They may be easily removed with either cold cream, wet soap with alcohol or 50-70% alcohol- or a bit of elbow grease.

Folks of all ages love glitter tattoos! They are the bling of the party. They can be applied most anywhere however popular spots are arms, feet, hands, ankles and legs. They are remarkably durable and come in many colors! We carry approximately 20 colors in stock and offer as many as 10 at an individual event.

They are compatible with most stencils, there fore they can be personalized for your specific event needs, and even be created into you  business logo! What a way to advertise your brand!

Best for birthday parties, pool parties, outdoor events, corporate events, picnics, promotional events, grand openings, and hot sweaty weather events of any kind!