Fairy hair wraps and temporary color

Little girls love having their hair Princessed up, with Fairy hair wraps, temporary color the sky is the limit with how much fun we can have with your little ones!

hairwrapsBut, lets not forget game enthusiasts and those who want to support their team with team colored hair art!  And for those of us who want a taste of the Caribbean without the bill... try our fairy hair wraps, temporary color and feathers at your next event! 

Available Hair art for your event:

  • temporary hair color with stencils (these can be customized)
  • hair feathers
  • fairy hair
  • hair wrapping 
  • hair updos (parties only)

Todays birthday parties have come along way! We can bring the party to you with any one of the available options for fairy hair wraps, or temporary hair color. We set up hair stations complete with up to 2 of our offerings. Temporary hair color is offered on ponies, streaks, all over and with stencils allowing you to customize the hair design to your party or event theme! So if you are having a princess party, we can spray colorful stars, fairies, and more right into the hair. If you are having a boys themed party we can spray hair color onto stencils of cars, baseballs, basketballs, and so on! Temporary hair color is great for birthday parties, sporting events, promotions, grand openings and much more.

Have you visited the islands? We have and noticed a hot trend, hair wraps and feathers! So we decided to offer this service to our clients right here in NC. Hair wraps are very longlasting and usually grow out with the hair. They can be easily removed if needed. We often include beads and feathers to add interest and style. Hair wrapping is great at themed events, small parties and more.

Hair updos for princess parties is great fun. Complete with a small crown and glitter, each child will have an updo of their choice that best works with each childs hair. Its like having the salon come to you! Hair updos are great at birthday parties, special events, fundraisers and more.

Fairy hair is fun and quick! We can apply 2 strands in just 2 minutes allowing us to accommodate more guests. Fairy hair is popular at trade shows, festivals, carnivals, birthday parties, sporting events, and more. We have every color imaginable to chose from!