Characters, mascots

Characters and mascots are a huge hit!

If you want to attract a really enthusiasatic crowd, consider a character or mascot! Nothing makes a bigger statement than a favorite superhero, princess, or mascot showing up on your porch!

Characters and mascots are hired through our company regularily. They are available for many special events. They are great attractions for your holiday, school, private, grandopening, sporting, corporate or carnival events. Characters and mascots can pose for pictures, pass out flyers, or gifts, lead a dance train, or sit for photo opportunities. 

Characters and mascots undoubtably attract a crowd. We have found that for promotional events, characters and mascots are an excellent choice for their grandeur and harnessing the engagement of passers by. Allowing you to spend quality time with your potential clients. Mascots and Characters can be tailored and engineered especially for your theme or your event. From popular characters that are current, to traditional Easter Bunnies and Santas. These talented entertainers are bound to leave a lasting impression with your guests!

Smaller parties allow for more creativity like scavenger hunts lead by a favorite princess character or super hero, while with larger events they can roam through a bigger crowd, making their way from area to area. Many of our team members offer additional services. Like face painting, balloons, magic, or temporary tattoos. Allowing a more cost effective event. Stationary characters are great too, especially for a photo opportunity.

Additional services that are work great for similar events: Balloons and Magic

Are you looking for unique event characters or mascots? We can borrow, rent or even design, construct, or build anything you have in mind. 

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