Air Brush

Airbrush tattoo, Body Art and apparel

Want that realistic tattoo look without the permanency? Airbrush tattoos are for you! From basic black to colorful bright intoxicating designs, you can fool any of your friends with this realistic, high quality body art which are temporary!

Best bang for buck: Airbrush tattoos can accommodate large crowds and are ideal for speed applications. Airbrush sprays paint onto skin very quickly allowing for immediate client satisfaction. Functions that are excellent for airbrush body tattoos are bat-mitzvahs, bar-mitzvahs, carnival events, sporting events, festivals and the like. Airbrush body art is the perfect pick for any event when large attendance is anticipated. 

Textiles, hats and shirts: Personlized apparel is a huge hit for reunions, company and corporate events. We can include logos, names, and any stenciled designs. The sky is the limit with airbrush! We are often commission to build custom stencils for our clients. Airbrush hats, shirts and bags make excellent gifts for clients and party attendees.  Airbrush apparel is a great way to honor your office workers or entire company! We can build to order onsite live or through our online services and shipped directly to your door.

Our clients love the flexibility and fun airbrush tattoos offer. They are especially pleased that we are able to accommodate so many people in such a short amount of time. Temporary paint is also water and sweat proof making airbrush a great option for hot or wet days! We provide airbrush body art at pool parties and they are compaitable with many party additions like inflatables as they do not transfer.

These tattoos are great for kids events and adult events too!


Airbrush body paint is hypo-allergenic, and of course FDA approved. We use the highest quality of paint on the market for the very best results.

Step one: The skin is cleaned with a mild alcohol.

Step two: Using a stencil, airbrush colors are applied in any number of requested colors.

This is the fastest temporary body art we offer. We can average up to 50 guests in just 1 hour!

We offer water based and alcohol based paints. Water based paints wash off with soapy water, alcohol based paints last anywhere from 3-7 days and can easily be removed with 70% alcohol or cold cream.

These tattoos are great for kids events and adult events too!

Hire an airbrush artist when you are expecting a high volume of guests, although no event is too big or small for Paint Savvy!